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THE #1 Course every Chess Player would love to enroll for!

Course Duration:  -   Uploaded Date:  2021-10-26

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What is the #1 thing which stops Chess players from moving forward? ( Hint:- It is not what you think) . It took me nearly 10 years of my chess career to figure out what exactly was the #1 thing that keeps chess players from achieving their true potential. After understanding this I started defeating titled players(International Masters, Fide Masters) and higher rated players who I would never have defeated otherwise. So do you also want to know the #1 reason that all the chess masters know? I guess the answer is YES????. That is why I have prepared this course called the INNER CIRCLE which has a content worth ( 1000000 $) and will save many important years of your Chess career. Now that is not the price you have to pay but it is worth it. What all will you get? √ 50 Professional 1 hour Sessions where we discuss things which are less known but highly effective. √ 2500 + Additional Puzzles, Studies and Problems.√ 10 + Necessary PPT. √ 2 Unparalleled sessions on the Rating Mindset .√ #1 Perfect Training Program (Worksheet).√ 5 Powerful things to remember to Beat Higher Rated Players .√ 5 Practical things to avoid draws and losses against lower rated players. More Details please contact us.

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