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Privacy And Policy


1.The student should enter the country in which he is currently staying. If the student enters the wrong country and makes the payment then his/her classes may be forfeited.

2. The students should check the level of the course in advanced. He can also contact the academy in the 'Contact Us' section and confirm the level of the student. No refunds are made if wrong level is choosen

3. The student must know English, Hindi or Marathi. If he wants to learn in any other language then he must contact the academy in advance and make a special request.

4. The sessions will be conducted online through Google Meet. Link of the sessions will be shared to the student before the commencement of the first class.

5. The coaches will differ from according to the level of the students.

6. The academy has a 7 day moneyback guarantee. If the student wants to avail the refund then he must send a mail to the academy within a stipulated time. The decision regarding the refund will be the decision of the academy.

7. Homeworks will be provided on Whatsapp. And PPT and other reference material will be sent on email.

8.In case of siblings both have to be registered. If the student pays for 1 and 2 student attend the sessions then the academy can forfeit the sessions.

9. If a student is absent for a group session then he is solely responsible for his loss. However if the coach cancels a class then the academy will reschedule the class.